Quebecshire's Application

Main Nation Name: Quebecshire

Current World Assembly nation: Quebecshire IV (WA mobile)

Are you known by any other names or aliases? If so, please list them here: Cubic, Quebec, variations of such.

What is your main region? (if applicable): The League / the South Pacific

What is your Discord username (Name and numbers, I.e Tim#6442): Cubic#1608

Do you have any previous NationStates military experience, whether it be raider or defender? If so, please expand upon it here: Brief involvement in 2017ish as a member of LCNAF/FORGE. Intermittent activity between 2017 and 2021, generally to screw with fascists and raid/eventually refound United Conservative Nations. Since February 2021 I've been the Consul/Commander of the LDF (this is ongoing) and I was a member of the South Pacific Special Forces from May 19th 2021 to September 2nd 2021. More information can be provided if necessary. 

How often are you available during the game's major update at 12 AM EST/EDT?: Almost always.

How often are you available during the game's minor update at 12 PM EST/EDT?: Sometimes.

Do you play NationStates using a mobile device or a computer?: Both, I do R/D from a computer barring extraordinary circumstances.

Your application has been accepted. Welcome to Weisshaupt Fortress, recruit. Your first step as a new recruit should be to check out our training guides here. Second, you should follow the guide on creating switchers and create 5 of them, while ensuring that they are in Artificial Solar System. You will successfully complete your joining when you earn a vial of Darkspawn blood, which is earned by completing a defensive mission.

Quebecshire has earned their vial of Darkspawn blood in Ostavalon and has become a full Warden.

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