The hierarchy is as follows, in descending order:

First Warden
The First Warden is the leader of the order of the Grey Wardens.

High Constable
Second-in-command to the First Warden. The High Constable is the public face of the order, acting as the main ambassador of the Grey Wardens and leading recruitment efforts.

Chamberlain of the Grey
The senior archivist at Weisshaupt, and to whom Warden Commanders send reports. The Chamberlain is appointed by the First Warden and they are responsible for the upkeep of the Order's records.

Commander of the Grey
Also known as the Warden-Commander. Warden-Commanders serve as the officers of the Order. Chosen by the First Warden with input from the High Constable, Commanders will run the day-to-day operations of the wardens. Commanders will serve as mentors to new members and will even appoint their own Constable. It is the Commander's responsibility to train their Constable in the ways of the Commander.

Constable of the Grey
A Warden-Commander's second-in-command, the Constable, colloquially called Warden-Constable, acts as the field commander and steps in when the Warden-Commander is away. Warden-Constables are chosen by a Warden-Commander to serve under them. The relationship between Constable and Commander is an important one as they share each other's actions. Warden-Constables may run update activities in the absence or at the leisure of their Commander.

Lieutenant of the Grey
The Warden-Lieutenant stands at the side of the Constables, aiding them and learning from them. They can be considered Warden-Constables in training, and may selectively lead missions when supervised by a Constable.

Senior Warden
Older, experienced members of the Grey Wardens who have successfully completed 50 missions. Senior Wardens may assist in various day-to-day tasks of the Wardens and offer guidance to younger Wardens.

Official members of the Grey Wardens. Having survived the joining ritual, these brave few take to the battlefield to stop the blight and those that spread it.

An individual selected to join the Wardens but who has not yet undertaken the Joining ritual. They are given a formal rank just for committing themselves to the Wardens, regardless of whether or not they survive the Joining. Failed recruits' names are kept in the archives of Weisshaupt in honor of their sacrifice.

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