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Full Version: The Andruil Protocols (Spiritus)
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The Andruil Protocols were ratified by The Order of the Grey Wardens and Spiritus on September 24th, 2016:


The Order of The Grey Wardens and The Baked Potato (with Cheese and Sour Cream) of Spiritus, thereafter acknowledged as the signatories;
Desirous of formalizing, furthering, and enhancing the relationship which exists between their two regions,
Desiring to formalize and expand the relationship which at present exists between the two regions,
Believing, in unity, in the upholding of regional sovereignty, and in the eradication of the blight,
Understanding that these ideals are what bind us together, and what drive us forward,
Come together to unite our regions under a common cause.

Article I: Acknowledgement

1. The signatories recognize the leadership of each region, based on its established laws and guidelines, as legitimate.
2. This recognition will not extend to any governing authority which attains power through means not found to be of a legitimate accords.
3. Both home regions shall establish and maintain both in-game and off-site embassies with the other region.
4. The signatories agree to abide by the terms outlined within this treaty so long as they do not infringe on their respective legal boundaries.
5. A “territory” of either signatory shall be a region which exists under the sovereign protection or control of the signatory’s legitimate government. In order for a territory or home region to be afforded protections under this treaty, it must be listed below:
a. The Order of the Grey Wardens, as the home region of The Order of the Grey Wardens
b. Spiritus, as the home region of The Baked Potato (with Cheese and Sour Cream) of Spiritus
c. The Amaranthine Isles, as a territory of The Order of the Grey Wardens
d. The Frontier, as a territory of The Order of the Grey Wardens

Article II: Border Security

1. The signatories shall not act in a declaration of war on each other, nor involve themselves in any effort acting in the invasion or infringement of the respective signatory’s home region or territories.
2. The Order of The Grey Wardens and Spiritus shall meet for discussions on any matters when, in the opinion of either signatory, the stability or sovereignty of either signatory is threatened.
3. The signatories shall come to the aid of each other, politically and militarily, in times of war, or should any organization or member attempt to or succeed in overthrowing the legitimate government of a signatory’s home region or territories.

Article III: Military

1. The signatories acknowledge the value of preventing invader incursions, therefore agreeing to work jointly wherever possible.
2. Both regions agree to utilize whatever means necessary to work together during both updates regularly, provided both militaries have active troops during those timeframes.
3. Both regions, at the request of the other, shall provide military support, whenever possible.
4. Both signatories recognize the importance of unity, and agree to not establish any espionage operations against the other party, for the duration of the treaty.
5. The signatories agree to share any intelligence that may come into their possession, which may have impact upon the security or sovereignty of the respective signatory, so long as the communicating region does not see harm from the sharing of said intelligence.

Article IV: Dissolution

1. The signatories carry the right to unilaterally or mutually withdraw from this treaty and all the obligations it carries.
2. If one or both regions fail to abide by the preceding terms articles set forth by this Treaty, either signatory may invoke its right to withdraw from the treaty, having given two week’s notice.
3. The Signatories agree to work towards a diplomatic solution to any issues before resorting to a dissolution of the treaty.
The Andruil Protocals were amended June 23rd, 2022.

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